Summer Steam

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STEAM is a seven-week program during June and July that allows students to continue the habits of learning beyond the school year. 

The first half of the day is filled with free breakfast and teacher-led classroom learning focusing on reading, writing, and science. The second half of the day functions more like a summer camp while students eat free lunch, are able to enjoy some time outside, and then head over to their camps and cabin time. 

Camps are based on the major areas of science, technology, engineering, and art! Students are encouraged to learn in a more hands-on and creative way at STEAM while maintaining skills that they learned in school. STEAM also encourages students to connect with each other while exploring new areas of interest.

*This is a Minnesota Department of Education program in which students must meet (Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.68, Subdivision 2) criteria. By registering your child in the STEAM program, a Customized Learning Plan (CLP) will be created for your child based off of academic or social emotional goals and progress will be reviewed with you.