Early Childhood

teacher reading a book to kids outside

Early Childhood programming in Faribault includes a range of services for children at birth through age five. We support Early Childhood Family Education, screening, preschool, and students with special needs. Welcome! We are glad you are here.


Early Childhood Family Education

ECFE is a program for all Minnesota families with children from birth to kindergarten. ECFE recognizes that parents are their child’s first teacher, and provides resources, support and learning space for families. Our ECFE program offers a variety of classes centered around you and your young child and family during the morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Early childhood experts support seasonal sessions of classes that support development of young children in our ECFE classroom with a special focus on supporting parents and adults. 

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Our early childhood preschool team works together to support and nurture the growth of each child emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually. We provide a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for every student. Our teams include licensed lead teachers, related service providers, and highly qualified paraprofessionals in all classrooms. We offer half-day classes at McKinley for three and four year-olds, and all-day programming for pre-K students at Roosevelt and Jefferson Elementary.

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Special Education

Faribault Public School’s concern for children doesn’t begin in kindergarten and end at graduation.  Our teachers are on hand to work with children who need additional developmental and educational help from birth through age 21. The program that is designed to meet the developmental needs of our youngest learners is the Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECSE). Our preschool programming is designed to be inclusive, supported through our special education program where our highly qualified staff work within homes and classrooms for children 0 to 5.

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Early Child Screening is a check-up on how your child is growing and developing. All children in Minnesota must be screened before they start kindergarten, or before enrolling in our preschool programming. We want to partner with you and make this milestone smooth and simple. It is best to screen when a child turns three, but screening can also be done at age four or five. 

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